Dreamwork 3d production pipeline

 Dreamworks pipleine
Firstly, dreamworks create the script for the animation. Dreamworks say that the script took up to 4 months to be finalized.
Following the final scripting, the dreamworks animators create a series of storyboards.Once all storyboards are created all the storyboards, they join these up to form a comic book, showing all the ideas for the animation.
Following this, once the storyboards are approved, the drawings are digitally enhanced, to form a “story reel.”They pair this with temporary music, sound effect and dialogue. This can take up to 18 Months.
Visual development
Once the story reel has begun, the visual department develop the tone, style and effects to every frame.
Our storyboards are drawn, our characters and sets are designed, so now we need to find voices for our characters and start recording their lines. We record the actors before we start animating.


From this initial design, our modellers will construct the digital 3-D model we’ll use for planning and animation.


This is when the modelers start with this wire frame sculpture that is called an armature, that breaks down our design and allows us to “rig” the figure, which will give the animator the ability to move our 3-D figure in whatever way is necessary to get the movement which is needed.

Basic surfaces 

Once the armature is set up, we can begin to add basic surfaces. LayoutLayout artists use rough “stand-in” shapes to block out the movement of the character in the scene.This rough layout or animatic is the process from which the team determine camera movement, character placement, spacing, lighting, geography and scene timing.  

Character animation Once the sequence is working well in layout, the animators start bringing the characters to life in the computer.They articulate the thousands of controls that were created during the character-rigging phase to bring each character to life and to synchronize them to the voice performances.Effects

After the camera moves have been set and the characters have been animated, the next steps are effects and lighting.

Next we visualize how the surrounding environment is reflected in the wave like a mirror.

The finishing touches

They say that many of the dreamworks films take at least 4 years to produce for cinema.


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