In comparison, between dreamworks and pixar both have similar production pipelines.


Firstly they think of an idea and then work out the storyline for the proposed film.


They then create the text for the opening screen,


Storyboards are then created, to show what possibly happens in the story; they also put sound effects, text and the effects which will happen on the storyboards.


Then the actors and actresses are hired to make scratch recording for the story reels, they then enhance these for the filming by recording several lines for the film. However on the rare occasion the scratch recordings are so good that they don’t replace them.


A reel videotape is then created to use the cleaned up storyboard to stand alone for someone to tell the story.


They then create the first animation to create a basic look of the characters.


The models and sculptures are then animated; these eventually help the characters to move.


The 3D sets are then created to show a believable world.


The shots are then laid out. This is when the storyboards are laid out into a 3D world effect. This is done when the characters are choreographed. Many shots are created multiple times so they have choices for cutting the scene for maximum storytelling effect.


The shot is then animated.


The sets and characters are then shaded to create a complex and variation for colouring effects.


Then lighting is used to add effect. Key, bounce and fill lights and room ambience are used to create the desired effect.


The computer data is then rendered, including shots, sets colouring and characters are all rendered into one single frame of filming.


Final touches are then added, such as editorial effects like sounds and other musical effects, to create the desired special effects.


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