Cartesian Coordinate System

3D software packages use systems to create the illusion of working in a 3D Space. The software package which is used is called the cartesian co-ordinate system.

Frenchman Rene Descartes, developed the system which is used to create the illusion of working in 3D spaces. He did so in an effort to merge algebra and Euclidean geometry. His work has played an important role in the development of analytic geometry, calculus and cartography.

There are two 2 axes that are commonly used to define the 2 dimensional cartesian system. These are XY and +-. The point where the X and Y axis meet is called the origin, which is labelled O.


The Z axis is important to the cartesian system because as it enables us to locate any point in three-dimensional space.

In the cartesian system, the are points which use the X.Y and Z axis. The point where 59 units along the negative X-axis meets is -59, 100 units along the positive y axis is 100 and 50 units along the negative Z-axis is -50.


There are also key parts to the system, which is the viewports. these are influential because it allows us to work from all of the angles, as They show a different set of axis.


The orthographic view is that which allows you to display 2 axes at the same time.