Limitations of 3D

In terms of  3D software there is one main limitation. in many cases the limitation is the prices of some particular 3D Software suites.

For example, 3ds max, perhaps one of the most renowned 3d modelling pieces of software is a very effective piece of software to create 3d models, however as this is a very thorough program, the overall price of the software is very large in price.

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The latest edition of 3ds max is available for almost $3500.

The high cost of 3d software is one of the very few limitations and is recognised in relation too most of the more professional and higher standard pieces of software,

 One further limitation in relation to the actual production of 3D models and whilst creating proffesional standard 3D models it becomes very easy to create files which have large file sizes, espescially after the model has been rendered.

The final limitation is the use of polygons and how these can cause limitations to an image and its quality.

 The higher the poly count the more detailed the image will be and the animation will run more smoothly. Each image is made up of a number of polygons and the number used is called the poly count. A high poly count in a scene will create large files