3D Software development

Throuhgout the world of 3D Software there are a mixture of both well known and less known software. However, they are all effective in what they do and all have their strengths and their specialist subjects.

  •  3ds Max 
  • AC3D
  • Cinema 4D
  • Houdini
  • LightWave 3D
  • Massive
  • Maya
  • Modo
  • Truespace
  • Softimage|XSI
  • Unreal Editor
  • AutoCad
  • After Burn
  • Mojo World
  • 3D Plus(Serif Plus)
  • Havok
  • ZBrush
  • Sketch Up Pro
  • MilkShape 3D
  • Anim8or


Examples of Software WorkSpace and Images.



Basic Information

Anim8or is a 3D modelling and character animation program. Some key advantages of the program are that the controls are easy to follow and the program is small in size in relation to similiar programs like 3DS Max.

Even though anim8or is not on the level of professionalism in relation of its competitors, it can still provide effectve rendered images which have been created.



 3Ds Max

3ds Max is a full-featured 3D graphics application 3ds Max is one of the most widely-used off the shelf 3D animation programs by content creation professionals. 3Ds Max is the most powerful apllication available today at creating 3d models or 3d animations. 3Ds Max is recognised world wide as being the most in depth application of its kind.

3ds Max is used in many industries that utilize 3D graphics. It is used in the video game industry for developing models and creating cinema cut-scenes.


is currently used in the film and television industry. Maya has a high learning curve but has developed over the years into an application platform in and of itself though extendability via its MEL programming language.